The Sunday Currently vol.03

What a week! Hope y’all enjoyed the posts for the past few days. FYI: I decided that I will post an entire set of blogs every other week so that the content won’t be sacrificed (this gal goes to college thrice a week!). I will post seven blogs straight, take a break for seven days, then post for seven consecutive days again. I’ll never fail to post a Sunday Currently though. I hope that arrangement’s alright. Heh. That’s enough of my ramblings, let’s get on to TSC vol.03.


reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. I always go back to it. See what I did there? Bahaha. Idk. I grew up reading and watching Harry Potter and have always felt like I wouldn’t be who I am if not for the series. Maybe that’s why I still always miss it. I guess I’ll never be not obsessed with HP.  #Potterhead4lyf  ⚡

writing on my list-journal. Yes. It’s a journal full of lists. I’ve had this notebook since November of last year but I didn’t really know what I wanted to fill it with until lately. So far, I divided it into sections for my bucket list, travel goals, 2017 resolutions, and the like. Fact: I’m list-fetish. If I can sort things into lists, trust me I would (even if I couldn’t, don’t think I wouldn’t try anyway).


listening to When You Know by Shawn Colvin. I’ve been obsessed with this song since early 2016. It’s the most popular OST of Serendipity which is one of my fav movies. I highly recommend checking the song and the movie if you haven’t already! Here’s my Playlist of the Week vol.03 by the way and in case you were wondering, here’s a playlist of my all time favorite songs that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

thinking about my plans for the coming week. I should start getting myself busy with academics again. I can’t be late on the schedule I made. I don’t have school until Tuesday but I’m already stressing about studying so much! Ugh. I hate it.

smelling nothing.

wishing for the days to go a little slower. I’m dreading my birthday on August. I don’t want to turn 20 yet. 😢 I have four more months of being a teenager but that’s sooooo not enough. I want like 3 more years… *finishes a box of kleenex*

hoping to make something great out of those four remaining months of being 19. I’ll go think of something after I upload this blog. Mehe. I’ll tell y’all how it goes.

wearing a pink cotton shirt and shorts. It’s 3pm and I’m still on my sleeping clothes and idgaf.

loving Mayday Parade. I can’t believe it’s only recently that I started obsessing over the band. I haven’t listened to a song of them that I didn’t come to like. I’ve been replaying Terrible Things like crazy! The band’s lyrics and sound have this incredible angst and is just the right combination of emo and punk-rock. Lurveeeee ’em.

wanting Pistachio ice cream. Ugh. My mouth just watered so bad. 🙄😭

needing to make my mind up about something once and for all.

feeling grateful about being a lot better than I was last Sunday. I still have a lot of stuff on my mind at the moment but nothing unmanageable. If anything, I’m hopeful about the coming days. You should be, too. x 🤗💖


SAPPYsat vol.01: One Day

{SAPPYsat is a series of blog posts I make on Saturdays. This is my little corner of write ups inspired by those of poemsporn’s and thoughtcatalog’s. Like the series’ title, this collection will always be sappy and will most probably come out as cheesy to y’all but hey let me sulk in peace, please.}

photo by frankiehildebrand

Do you ever stare at someone and just think about how much you love them?

It’s like you look at them and you see so much more than just a face… it’s as though you can see right through their soul, and maybe, just maybe, you really could. You want to hug, kiss and tell them how much you care. You want to say that they won’t complete you, because you already are that, but they’ll be someone who’ll make you a better you. You see someone you’ll have potential fights with, but you don’t care because to have them would be more than enough.

It feels good to see someone like that. To feel that much passion and adoration towards someone. It’s amazing how they could make you feel like you’re on top of the world just by being in the same room as you. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t stop there. The feeling of being passionate is not enough. You want to explore it. You will, inevitably, want them to feel the same fire. Here’s when it gets complicated. You see, when you love someone that much, it doesn’t make them obliged to feel the same way. No shocker here. But you can’t help it anyway. Even if the feeling isn’t mutual, it doesn’t make the fire subside… sometimes, it makes it burn more.

You become undeniably absorbed by everything about them — their voice, touching them, seeing them, talking to them, and getting to know them more. It’ll become who you are — the one that loves them. For a while, it will be scary to admit that to yourself but as time goes on, you’ll accept it. It’s not like you planned it or anything. That’s another. All these, you never intended to happen. They all sort of just did. You’ve let destiny do its thing and you think that it can’t be too bad if you didn’t have a hidden agenda of any sort. Your love for them is genuine, that, you’re particularly certain of. It wasn’t based anything superficial. You genuinely did fall for them — their character, the way they talk and laugh, how they act, their manners, the way they think, and countless other things. You don’t know for sure. You probably fell for all of those all at once, anyway.

You just… you love them. You love them so hard that it’s difficult to breathe sometimes. They’re all you can see when you eat, sleep, and in all the things you do in between. You love them too much that you really, really hope to God you get to tell them one day.

Written July 6, 2016.


MISYELkules vol.01: A Change of Heart

{MISYELkules is a series of blog posts I make on Wednesdays.  In this collection, you will get to know me (whether u like it or not lol). I will express the things I love and despise, my passions, stands, opinions, and even short stories that will give you an insight to who I am as a person. I will share fragments of myself and hopefully, you can see the bigger picture for yourself. Because who can articulate their existence in just one sitting, right? Hope you enjoy this series as much as I do in making it!}

I devoted my entire high school years to writing. I was the journalism cray-cray gal. I loved and enjoyed making various articles, newsletters for class, and even poems for literary contests. This passion intensified even more in senior year. I was then appointed as the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the school paper’s official staff. It was nerve wracking if I’m going to be honest. Even though I had a pretty decent accumulation of experience since grade school, it was finally the real thing. My senior year was the busiest I got in high school (thanks to my English Journalism class) – covering events and researching for topics to make interesting articles for the school paper, making scripts and rehearsing as much as possible for radio broadcasting, always having to be updated on national issues to make editorials, actually being on presscons to compete against lots of other amateur journalists, collaborating with colleagues during overnights for the school paper, etc. It was exhausting but I loved it. It was such a high. Of course it came to the point (in my final high school year) when writing was done for — contests, school paper and school events all finally done. Everyone became busy with the final class requirements, applying to as much colleges possible and planning for what’s after  high school. I was one of them.

One day, my friends and teachers found out that I was planning to take up Accountancy in PUP. They were all taken aback. Nobody saw it coming. Everyone was asking me why and saying they thought I’d go for Journalism or Broadcast Communication at least. My love for writing and public speaking was that evident. I guess I never really told anyone the reason behind my choice but I didn’t think I owed anyone an explanation about my life choices (and they probably weren’t genuinely interested in what I have to say anyway in the first place). But why did I really not opt for the program I was so sure before, that I wanted? Why the sudden change of heart?

It happened during one of those busy days in senior year. I thought I already got everything figured out but then that epiphany came through. Hah. It’s still crazy to think that if that epiphany never occurred to me, I’d be in a completely different place in life right now. So what was it? What was the epiphany? If I’m going to be completely honest now, there were actually two realizations and not just one. I originally planned on telling only the first but that would be holding back something and not being entirely genuine (which would miss out on the point of this blog) so I guess I have to tell both or just don’t say anything at all. I’m going to drop both bombs now – the first realization was that I didn’t want to write because it’s my job. I was terrified that a writing program with deadlines and restrictions would eventually take away my passion and make me grow tired of writing. Expressing my self through words was something I always treasured, loved, and saw as my happy place so I didn’t want to risk the comfort of it to be taken away from me. I know a lot of people would disagree and say that I’m lucky to have found a passion that I could’ve pursued and that I really should have pursued after all but I do think otherwise. Also, here comes the second realization of why I didn’t opt for Journalism – I didn’t think I had enough skills in me. I found it hard to believe that I could actually live off of writing. Yes, cowardice took over me and I played safe. So… there’s that.

Being on my third year (almost fourth now) in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in PUP, I can say I’m free of regrets though. I am able to sleep soundly at night with the choices I made in the past. I’m beyond thankful and blessed to be standing where I am today. 😊 BSA had given me a great load of experiences, lessons and I’ve met some of the most amazing people in my life because of it. I swear the mere thought of them gone will drive me to my insanity. BSA became home. Besides, my mother was so happy when I took this program as well (I knew she always wanted me to be a CPA) and hey, anything to make that woman happy, dude I am in (I didn’t really know what else to take anyway lol). ❤

It would be a lie to say that I don’t have what if’s. Of course a part of me will always wonder what would’ve happened if I opted for writing, but I’m happy where I am now and that’s really what matters to me. BSA is a whole different challenge that made me see abilities I never knew I had in the first place. I’m pretty darn proud of myself for conquering it for three years now y’know! I really do believe there’s a purpose why I ended up here but I’ll sure always be thankful I got to taste the world-apart flavors of the two. Not everyone’s lucky like that.


chewsHEALTHY vol.01: The Fat Girl

{chewsHEALTHY is a series of blog posts I make on Tuesdays. Here, I will take you through my past and current weight loss journey. I will share goals I still want to achieve when it comes to fitness and plans I come up with in hopes of achieving those goals, etc. I’ve come a long way from how I was in 2015 but I’m still a fat girl and I want to be able to change that soon! Come see how I work in becoming a better version of myself.}

All my life (I am not exaggerating), I’ve been the fat girl. Currently 150 lbs / 68 kg, 5’4” tall, I’m still trying my best to reach my goal weight (50kg) and body built. I’ve started my journey on February 9, 2016 – a year and two months ago. So far, I’ve lost a total of 40 lbs / 18 kg.

To this very day, I can still clearly remember when and how my journey started. It wasn’t actually just a single day but a succession of events that made me want to do a 360 in my life.  I recall that January-February being such a rough time for me in handling my academics, social life, and growing as a person in general. I was studying in college but I felt stuck – like I was not doing something good with the limited time given to me to live and I was just rotting away. That may seem a bit melodramatic but maybe I was having my quarter life crisis, who knows? Twenty-sixteen was just starting then but I was already feeling low so I told myself – “something’s got to change here”. I had that mindset for quite a few weeks (in my old wordpress blog I briefly talked about it – wanting to find something to make me feel like I wasn’t wasting my time on earth), and then one day while I was putting on clothes to head to school, I took a good look at my reflection in the mirror. It was then that I found myself staring at someone with very tired yet guarded eyes. I saw that whatever it was that was bothering her, it stopped her from being carefree happy with her life and she felt too restrained and held back by it to be who she really was. Staring right back at me though, she looked like a girl full of hope that she, on her own, can make the change she wants for herself… Yes! That was the day I knew I wanted to lose weight and live a healthier life! Here was my very obvious problem though – I didn’t really know how. Hello??? Like… I’ve been fat my entire life y’know.

It was still early in the morning that day (Feb 9th ’16) and I was just in bed, scrolling on my phone (I’m pretty sure I didn’t have school).  I was on spotify looking for artists to obsess about when a familiar song came on shuffle – it was One For Sorrow by Steps. If you didn’t know who the Steps were, they were a huge British band in the 90s. I had DVD’s of their concerts when I was a child and I loved them dearly and their songs (still do!). They were literally my first idols (a little trivia hahaha). So my favorite song of them comes on after years of not hearing it and I was just put back to my childhood days! I immediately looked up the members of the band and wanted to be updated on what they’re all up to now. I found out they actually got together five years ago for what seemed like a mini concert (they’ve broken up in early 2000s if I’m not mistaken) and in the videos I saw that my favorite amongst them, Claire Richards, gained a lot of weight.


I was shocked because I remember admiring and dreaming to have her body even when I was a child. I was being stupid. She had every right to gain weight when she already conceived children. Heck, she has every right to gain whatever amount of weight! It is stupid to expect a person’s body to never change; I should’ve known better even then. I then googled Claire immediately but all that greeted me… was her incredible weight loss.


I was in awe. How did she do that?! I proceeded to watch some of her interviews but I remained perplexed on how she did the weight loss. To make the long story short, finding out about her story made me want to start my story that exact same day. I got up, did my first workout and researched a diet plan. I realized that not knowing where to start wasn’t an excuse to already find out a way to do it! Funny how bumping into an old song can do so much in your life, eh?

A year and two months later, here I am – more agile (lol), healthier, with lighter aura, more fun when it comes to a lot of things, more adventurous and outgoing, and just someone who’s happier. To be honest, I’ve never felt more me than now and for that, I thank God for every right decision he made me take. I’m telling you, it was so much fun doing those first few workout sessions, annoying everyone with my “I’m on a diet” during lunch, getting them used to it, hearing commends on my hard work, and of course getting that first “Uy. Pumayat ka!” after the first month of my journey was the definition of heaven!!  Hard work and patience really do pay off, friends.

Losing 40 lbs so far is not a lot compared to people who transformed from being extremely obese to averagely fit in less than a year (they’re halimaw is what they are!). I know that. But considering I’ve been fat my entire life and this was the very first time I actually made progress in losing weight, I’m pretty proud of me regardless of what other people may say.


Me in 2015 on the top row of photos, me in February 2017 on the bottom row.

I am still the fat girl (I’m aware, I promise you), but there’s props for trying and not giving up, right?

The next volume of this series will be on how I lost the weight that I lost so far! Watch out for it!!


GLAMonday vol.01: My Acne Story and 2017 Skin Care Routine

{GLAMonday is a series of blog posts I make on Mondays. Here, I will talk about everything beauty from skin care, make up hacks and every girly stuff there is!! Boys, off you go (unless you’re interested in that stuff as well). Disclaimer: I’m no pro in beauty things but I do know some from my experiences, advice given to me, and of course my best friend – research!}

Trying to maintain a clear skin is probably one of the most high maintenance and infuriating things in life that a person has to do (no argument here). Most of the time, when you think you got it together and that your skin finally decided to be on your side after all those torturous years, you’ll just happen to wake up and see that you actually made a new friend while napping — surprise surprise — you have a new pimple (sometimes they even come in two or three like why tf do they think it’s okay to make somebody’s face their home right?!!??? Bitches.).

July to October last year (2016), I had the most breakouts I’ve had in my entire 19 years of existence. I have pictures of how my face looked like then but I don’t have the guts to post them here. Sorry. Lol. The breakout started on my forehead. It began with like 4 pimples all at the same time. Already, that was the most I’ve had at a single point in time. Before that period, I never actually had much trouble with pimples. I would have one and it would just go away on its own. Naturally, I didn’t do anything about those 4 pimples because like usual, I “knew” that my zits would just gradually disappear by themselves…. How very wrong of me. From a couple, the breakout on my forehead grew to not less than eight zits. They weren’t huge though (thank God). They were the tiny bumps version but were pimples (AND GOD DID THEY HURT) nonetheless. Btw I’m apologizing for my lack of actual scientific terms but hey like I told you, I’m no dermatologist and my skin is still very veryyyy far from perfect. I’m just sharing my experience from last year. Back to my story, the zits were rapidly increasing and I even gained a couple on my left cheek and also on my chin. I was so frustrated. I know some people would think that I don’t have the right to because some have it worse than what I had but that’s how I felt. My self confidence (they’re not very high in the first place) hit rock bottom. I never wanted to leave the house. I didn’t want my friends to see me, or anyone at all for that matter. I felt so ugly. I would cringe whenever I pass a mirror. And no, I don’t think people with pimples are ugly it’s just that when that breakout happened to me, I totally didn’t feel like myself. I would just be in bed if I wasn’t at school, my temper wore even thinner if that’s possible and I was just so … sad. Funny how something so trivial can affect a person’s life.

Before I had my breakout problem, I never cared for products advertised to make your skin clear/glowing/smooth etc. I thought of them as a waste of money because I believed that none of them really worked as they claim. However, I knew I had to believe otherwise if I wanted to cure my zits. For several weeks, I tried to venture into the skin care section of department stores. Of course I opted for drugstore products because I have very limited budget to buy things that my parents didn’t think as my needs y’know. Yes, the skin care routine I’m going to share with you is entirely drugstore products! You can find them practically everywhere. Luckily, all the things I bought (using my incredibly scarce resources) worked miracles on my skin. My zits started to clear up. They stopped increasing in numbers and all the marks started to fade. Finally after almost four months!! I was on cloud nine. So what were them that helped me get through that horrific phase in my life? I’ll get to them in a bit.

The most help I had was actually youtube. Being that all I did was stay indoors when I had the massive breakout, I was on youtube all the time. There wasn’t much product I could get though because the things beauty gurus recommend are mostly not available here in the Philippines and if they are, they’re high end and very expensive so I just took notes of what I’ll be needing. From what I’ve learned, the essentials are face wash, face scrub, toner, and moisturizer. What I did instead of opting for the high end products, I looked for drugstore versions of those things. Everything I bought, I actually bought on my own accord. It was very scary if I’m going to be honest. What if instead of clearing up my skin, the products further do damage, right? I was desperate is what I was to try these. But like what I learned in financial management, the higher the risk, the higher the return. Oha!! [The  listed products are arranged by the order of my usage.]

1. Clean and Clear Essentials foaming wash 100mL – claims to help prevent pimples, oily shine and blackheads. Less than Php 100

This is the face wash I use every single day and night because it does such a good job of cleaning your face especially after a long day out. My current bottle just ran out (as you can see in the pic). I have to buy my fourth bottle tomorrow! Haha. I don’t think it helps with my oily skin though for I still shine like a greasy hot dog when exposed to the sun. But I don’t mind that it doesn’t help with that as long as it keeps my face clean at the end of the day. Also, it doesn’t really do anything with blackheads. (Warning: A friend of mine told me this product broke him out. If you have sensitive skin, better stray from it.)

2. St. Ives Fresh Skin apricot scrub 10 OZ – claims to deeply exfoliate to reveal smooth skin. Less than Php 300

I started using this late August and I still have like a quarter of product left (considering how much I use!). I just love this scrub so much (I CAN’T EVEN). Frankly, I never knew anything about scrubs or exfoliation before. Those terms were alien to me. So for those of you who are just hearing about it now, facial scrubs or exfoliators are products that strip off dead skin cells on your face (you could use it on your body as well). The scrub has grains and properties (in my case, apricot extracts) that once you gently massage to your face will remove the dead cells. Now, why do people say that exfoliating is the most important part of a skin care routine? It’s because removing those dead skin cells gives you a skin rebirth. It literally removes a dirty layer of skin on your face (yes, we accumulate dirt in our face that can’t be seen by the naked eye). Personally, every time I use it, my skin feels so soft and smooth like a baby’s and stays like that for a couple of days (I use this as my lip exfoliator as well – yes you should exfoliate your lips too!). Also, exfoliating helps other products to be absorbed better by your skin. However, too much exfoliating is bad because it can dry up your skin and strip off even the natural oils that it needs (it’s advised to exfoliate thrice a week at most). (Warning: St. Ives scrub is a highly praised but also immensely criticized product. A lot of people love it [I belong to that group] while a great amount of people speak ill of it. Maybe you can try the squeeze tube version and see if you like it before buying the huge jar. 🙂 )

3. Eskinol Pimple Fighting facial deep cleanser 225mL – claims to remove deeply seated dirt, excess oil and make up, dries up pimples in as early as 3 days. Php 69.95

This Eskinol toner was the true game changer for me. It might be the cheapest item on my skin care routine but is definitely the one I couldn’t live without. I think this was my knight in shining armor (up to this day) that saved me from my bloody breakout. The second I started using this was when I noticed the most improvement on getting rid of the zits. I just soak up a regular absorbent cotton with it and go over my entire face and neck. I encourage y’all as well to buy the biggest bottle (225ml) because it’s still very cheap but almost twice the amount of product in the smaller bottle. (P.s. I also add 150mg of Dalacin C to the toner – a capsuled antibiotic for treating infections with bacteria. The two combined is the most perfect concoction, I swear!! I buy the capsule on Mercury Drugs but I’m pretty sure it’s available at any drugstore near you. Eskinol works fine by itself but I notice that when I add the Dalacin C it just seems to give faster results.)

4. Purederm Skin Softening yogurt mask 50mL – claims to soften skin and brighten. Php 89

The only thing that changes in my routine is face mask. I haven’t found one that is cheap and I truly deeply love. I’m still sort of venturing out to find which one I like most but at the moment, this Purederm yogurt mask is my fav. It really does what it claims – my face looks so bright and glowy right after a mask. I’ve used it four times already and I think there’s still enough left for two more masks. I love it when you have enough to use for more than once! I’m effing poor yknow. (I only use masks whenever I think my skin looks dry or dull or of course also when I want to feel pampered! Lol)


5. Clean and Clear Essentials moisturizer 100mL – moisturize without greasiness. Less than Php 100

Yes. Mine have run out a couple days ago and I threw the bottle away so I’m borrowing this picture. This moisturizer is very hydrating and lives up to its claims of not looking greasy at all (which is very hard to find!!!!). That was the second bottle that I threw by the way. This was a great find of mine that I highly recommend it to all of you but tbh I kind of want to try other brands of moisturizers because I know there are a lot of other good ones as well. I’ll let you know how that goes.


6. Céleteque Acne Spot Corrector Gel 5mL – claims to dry up pimples overnight. Php 169

This is my third tube that is almost completely gone as well. I love using this to small bumps that I know will develop as pimples because this product literally makes them go away overnight or if not, in just a few days. This is one of my holy grail and I know I’m going to keep buying it!


7. Chap Stick skin protectant classic cherry 0.15 OZ – Less than Php 100

Of course the classic Cherry Chapstick. Who says your lips isn’t skin? It is, and chap stick definitely help mine in staying moisturized and not chapped. I apply it after shower and also before sleeping at night and I always wake up with plump and healthy looking lips!

That was my acne story and all the products I use for my daily skin care routine (which is usually just at night because I’m rushing in the morning to school). I made it very detailed as much as I can because I wanted this blog post to actually be helpful to you all (I’ll edit this and put the exact prices to those products that I didn’t). I have a confession to make tho.. I’m still not sure what caused my breakout. It can be being stressed on school works or staying up late or what not. Bahahaha. I guess I don’t care anymore. I still have marks from my acne last year though and I still get occasional zits here and there but it’s nothing crazy that I can’t handle. It’s just life, I guess.

I hope you learned something from today’s blog!! Have a great day. 🤗

DISCLAIMER: My skin type is oily to normal and not sensitive so the products that worked for me may not work for you if you have dry or sensitive skin or even oily skin as well. Our skin are all different in a lot of aspects just in the same sense that what works for you may not work for me. Personally, these are just what worked for myself. 🙂


The Sunday Currently vol.02

I know, I know. I didn’t post anything for the past week, I’m sorry!! I had lots of stuff to do for school and (believe it or not) I actually went out a couple of times with some of my friends. Hey, it’s very seldom that I socialize outside PUP so cut me some slack. Lol. So much for my excuses! Let’s head on to my TSC vol.02!


reading my CSR and Foreign Language handouts. I’ve got two midterm exams tomorrow! Ugh. Wish me luck.

writing TSC vol.02. Bahaha. I’ve also been planning a lot for this week’s coming blog posts. 😉 I got to make it up to y’all.

listening to To Live and Let Go by All Time LowUy grabe, relate much ako. 😭AHAHA. Love this song so much. Also, here’s my Playlist of the Week vol.02 on spotify if you’re curious on what I’ve been listening to for the past week.

thinking about deciding about something. I can’t share it here but I really need to make that decision soon. Deep down, I thought I’ve always known what I wanted but it’s like I’m not so sure about that anymore??? God forbid I regret the decision I choose.

smelling citrus shampoo. My little brother just finished his bath. I gotta get into the shower soon, as well. Lol.

wishing for a plane ticket to anywhere. Pretty please? 😩

hoping to improve on my weight loss journey. I revamped both my diet and workout routines just yesterday. I really hope that I reach my fitness goals soon.

loving my Spanish class. We’ve only had three meetings but I’ve already learned a lot from my favorite professor this summer semester. He’s a freakin’ sick combination of good looking, charming, smart, crazy hilarious, and witty! I couldn’t ask for more.

wanting peace of mind. My mind is chaotic as of the moment and I need some relief from it. It’s been consuming my time and draining my energy since midweek. Welppppp.

needing just one good reason. One.good.reason.

feeling heavier than usual (no pun intended hahaha). If you haven’t already noticed, it has been a very rough time for me. In addition to that, I haven’t talked to anyone about this thing as well so the weight is all just on my chest. It’s  been taking my best efforts to not keep falling apart y’know. 😪 I’ve experienced better weeks is what it is. I have high hopes for the coming days though. 😌😊😄


The Sunday Currently vol.01

The Sunday Currently is a series that captures what’s happening with you in the light sliver of your weekend. It is a concept made by Siddathornton so all credit goes to her! Happy Easter Sunday, everyone. I hope you all had a blessed holy week. Anyhoo, here’s my TSC vol.01.


reading Strategic Management by Fred David chapter 10. Haha. I have a report for our management class tomorrow and I’m cramming  the hell out of it. Great, right?

writing (in the very vague process) the plot of a novel. It’s an incredibly rough concept yet but hey, anyone can dream to have a published book! I don’t aspire to finish it anytime soon anyway. I’ll keep y’all posted.

listening to I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You by Colin Hay. I’ve been obsessing over the song for the past few days! It’s a recent find. It was an OST of the movie Garden State which I saw a couple days back. I really love the lyrics and the melody of the song that it’s even already lined up next to my all time favs! Go check it out I linked it. Btw, here’s my Playlist of the Week vol.01 in spotify (which also includes that song).

thinking about ditching classes. Ugh. I so hate how we have summer semesters in Accountancy!

smelling my mother cooking lunch downstairs. It’s Tinola, I think. Yum! I hope there’s malunggay leaves!

wishing for a miracle that my Professor in Law will already post our grade in his subject. Dude. He was supposed to post it like eons ago.

hoping to flourish in this blog thing. It’s very unlikely but I really hope I get to post an entry every single day and hopefully gain some loyal readers.

wearing my sleeping clothes, still. Heh. Just a T and shorts.

loving 13 Reasons Why. I finished it last week but the aftershock’s still here. I’ve read the book two years ago (I finished it in 4 hours because it was that enthralling) and watching the series brought back a lot of memories from that time frame. Also, I’m very happy that they gave the series justice. Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford were outstanding. I’m hoping they don’t do a second season though. The point of the series was done and it shouldn’t be dragged just for the sake of ratings or fans. That would put aside the essence of it.

wanting to buy a lot of things but I’m broke af. I have this thing in the very back of my journal that says “Vain List” and all I’ve managed to check off are like three items. Poor me (literally).

needing an assurance from someone about something.

feeling tired. My mind hasn’t stopped overthinking for the past couple of days and I really just want a break from it. I don’t know how though. Suggestions? Lol. I guess it’s better that I’m going back to school tomorrow so I can cloud my annoyingly repetitive toxic thoughts (can I be more dramatic oMF) with academics. Pft. Other than that, I hope we all have a great, positive, and productive week! ❤