lunesINSPO vol.01: Petrichor

{lunesINSPO is a series of blog posts I make on Mondays. Here, I talk about my inspiration/s for the week. This includes the vibe I’m getting, style/fashion I’m into that particular time, quotes I’m currently leaning on, etc. Basically, it’s what theme I feel the coming week’s going to be.}

Living in a tropical country, it’s not entirely surprising that we’re invaded by tropical cyclones (typhoons) in the month of October. Whilst most countries are bathing in the joy of Autumn’s arrival, we Filipinos (with our precious wet and dry seasons), are stuck inside the corners of our homes because of the constant heavy rain outside.

Hey now, I might sound like it, but I’m not complaining (I just really wish I could experience Autumn too. Ya’ feel?). To be honest, I actually really like the state of our weather this past week. Admittedly, staying indoors while listening to the tapping of rain against my window is one of my easy guilty pleasures in life. Plus, I can do all my indoor activities without a worry that I’m missing out on the going-out life.

I could binge watch all the movies and series’ of my liking, write and read whatever I want, sleep all day, have pampering self sessions every night and what not. I could do what I want to do and it won’t feel like I’m wasting time, because it would still be raining outside.. It would feel like no time has passed.

I know it’s terrible of me but I can’t help but wish for a continued rainy and cozy week! Can you actually blame me?

Nah, you can’t.

Have a great week ahead! 💙

P.S. Stay dry, mga bes.


Everything Misyel

Hi, you. Welcome to Everything Misyel! Before anything else, I’d like to extend my gratitude for taking time to check my site. I work really hard for it so it means a lot!

Sooo basically, this is my personal everyday blog (but you already know that!). I’ll be posting updates every other week – post seven blogs straight, take a break for seven days, then post for seven consecutive days again in the best of my ability (but please don’t hate me if I fail once in a while).

I’ve been meaning to do this blog for some time now, too. I’ve missed writing so much and I seriously need to get my brain to work again so I thought why not obligate (sort of) myself to publish a simple entry every day? It can’t be too hard (or so I think). Also to make it a bit more interesting, I made various categories/segments for each day so that it won’t be repetitive or just be sappy and whiny all throughout (although it might still be, *just a little bit i promise*).

This is something I’m doing entirely because of my love for expressing, writing, and sharing my thoughts and experiences. I hope this won’t be wrongfully taken as a brag of achievements, abilities, life, etc. To give a real warning on what’s going to be here though, it’s going to be raw, friends. And I mean real raw. It’s my actual main goal — express my truest self, both the pretty and the ugly side, and let go of any pretentious crap there is in my body. Because it’s not like I’m a fake person, but I’m not always me as well. I just know I’m holding back so much more and I can’t have that any longer. So what better way can I do that than start through writing, right? Are you excited? Because err, I sure as hell am.

Again, welcome! Yayy!!

P.S. Constructive criticisms are very much encouraged. Thank you in advance!

P.P.S. I originally wanted to blog every single day but I feel like I’ll be sacrificing content if I did that. I hope the arrangement I settled for works just fine for y’all. This gal’s on her final year in uni so please bear with her! ❤