chooseWANDERLUST vol.01: Amsterdam

{chooseWANDERLUST is a series of blog posts I make on Tuesdays. In no particular order, I will share the places I aspire to travel and explore. I’ll tell you my reasons why I want to see them in real life and also research about the places so we can learn some actual helpful stuff. Lol. Ahhhhhh. My fingers are crossed that I really get to see them all in person one day!! Also – yAS after five months I’m finally back!! HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA}


Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, is known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. It is the home to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during WWII.

Admittedly (don’t judge pls), I first got interested in the city when I read all about it in — I know you already know — The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Just how could my curiosity stop after reading?! The dude practically described the place as magic. I wasn’t disappointed when I looked it up though, for I came to find that at least, I think it’s actually very verrryyyyy close.


Starting with its name, Amsterdam is derived from the city’s origins: it grew around a dam in the river Amstel. Cool, right? Moreover, because it is built around water with 165 canals (combined length of 60 miles) and over 1200 bridges, it’s even known as a version of Italy’s Venice hence the nickname “Venice of the North”.


From the pictures and travel video blogs (I’m a regular stalker of all my travel goals ok?) that I’ve seen, the city seems to have such a romantic charm. All the houses and houseboats look pretty, several museums are just around, and bookshops and cafés are everywhere. It doesn’t look and feel like a city. It’s a living escape. Youtubers I follow (i.e. Tess Christine and Allana Davison) said that it is the perfect chill place to just walk around, observe people, admire the beautiful structures and even turn to cycling around if you want to! Personally, I love anything cozy and welcoming in atmosphere so just imagine how much I crave this place!! I’m a complete sucker for anything laid back and homey in vibe.



I mean.. isn’t everything just so pretty!?


Totes unreal.

Another thing to love about Amsterdam is that there’s not a lack on the activities you can do. Hundreds of festivals happen around the city throughout the year – from big dance parties to fashion events and arts fairs. Boredom doesn’t exist in Amsterdam. And oh, the canals? They have lights on them turned on at night and look amazeballs when reflected in the water!


You can buy good food just on the streets, and they are sold by the city’s naturally good humored and queer people. Also, Amsterdam is one of those cities that you can visit anytime for it just looks beautiful all year round whatever the season may be.





Snow in Amsterdam

Err, I don’t know about you but I’m definitely going to the Venice of the North one day!






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