The Sunday Currently vol.01

The Sunday Currently is a series that captures what’s happening with you in the light sliver of your weekend. It is a concept made by Siddathornton so all credit goes to her! Happy Easter Sunday, everyone. I hope you all had a blessed holy week. Anyhoo, here’s my TSC vol.01.


reading Strategic Management by Fred David chapter 10. Haha. I have a report for our management class tomorrow and I’m cramming  the hell out of it. Great, right?

writing (in the very vague process) the plot of a novel. It’s an incredibly rough concept yet but hey, anyone can dream to have a published book! I don’t aspire to finish it anytime soon anyway. I’ll keep y’all posted.

listening to I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You by Colin Hay. I’ve been obsessing over the song for the past few days! It’s a recent find. It was an OST of the movie Garden State which I saw a couple days back. I really love the lyrics and the melody of the song that it’s even already lined up next to my all time favs! Go check it out I linked it. Btw, here’s my Playlist of the Week vol.01 in spotify (which also includes that song).

thinking about ditching classes. Ugh. I so hate how we have summer semesters in Accountancy!

smelling my mother cooking lunch downstairs. It’s Tinola, I think. Yum! I hope there’s malunggay leaves!

wishing for a miracle that my Professor in Law will already post our grade in his subject. Dude. He was supposed to post it like eons ago.

hoping to flourish in this blog thing. It’s very unlikely but I really hope I get to post an entry every single day and hopefully gain some loyal readers.

wearing my sleeping clothes, still. Heh. Just a T and shorts.

loving 13 Reasons Why. I finished it last week but the aftershock’s still here. I’ve read the book two years ago (I finished it in 4 hours because it was that enthralling) and watching the series brought back a lot of memories from that time frame. Also, I’m very happy that they gave the series justice. Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford were outstanding. I’m hoping they don’t do a second season though. The point of the series was done and it shouldn’t be dragged just for the sake of ratings or fans. That would put aside the essence of it.

wanting to buy a lot of things but I’m broke af. I have this thing in the very back of my journal that says “Vain List” and all I’ve managed to check off are like three items. Poor me (literally).

needing an assurance from someone about something.

feeling tired. My mind hasn’t stopped overthinking for the past couple of days and I really just want a break from it. I don’t know how though. Suggestions? Lol. I guess it’s better that I’m going back to school tomorrow so I can cloud my annoyingly repetitive toxic thoughts (can I be more dramatic oMF) with academics. Pft. Other than that, I hope we all have a great, positive, and productive week! ❤


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