GLAMonday vol.01: My Acne Story and 2017 Skin Care Routine

{GLAMonday is a series of blog posts I make on Mondays. Here, I will talk about everything beauty from skin care, make up hacks and every girly stuff there is!! Boys, off you go (unless you’re interested in that stuff as well). Disclaimer: I’m no pro in beauty things but I do know some from my experiences, advice given to me, and of course my best friend – research!}

Trying to maintain a clear skin is probably one of the most high maintenance and infuriating things in life that a person has to do (no argument here). Most of the time, when you think you got it together and that your skin finally decided to be on your side after all those torturous years, you’ll just happen to wake up and see that you actually made a new friend while napping — surprise surprise — you have a new pimple (sometimes they even come in two or three like why tf do they think it’s okay to make somebody’s face their home right?!!??? Bitches.).

July to October last year (2016), I had the most breakouts I’ve had in my entire 19 years of existence. I have pictures of how my face looked like then but I don’t have the guts to post them here. Sorry. Lol. The breakout started on my forehead. It began with like 4 pimples all at the same time. Already, that was the most I’ve had at a single point in time. Before that period, I never actually had much trouble with pimples. I would have one and it would just go away on its own. Naturally, I didn’t do anything about those 4 pimples because like usual, I “knew” that my zits would just gradually disappear by themselves…. How very wrong of me. From a couple, the breakout on my forehead grew to not less than eight zits. They weren’t huge though (thank God). They were the tiny bumps version but were pimples (AND GOD DID THEY HURT) nonetheless. Btw I’m apologizing for my lack of actual scientific terms but hey like I told you, I’m no dermatologist and my skin is still very veryyyy far from perfect. I’m just sharing my experience from last year. Back to my story, the zits were rapidly increasing and I even gained a couple on my left cheek and also on my chin. I was so frustrated. I know some people would think that I don’t have the right to because some have it worse than what I had but that’s how I felt. My self confidence (they’re not very high in the first place) hit rock bottom. I never wanted to leave the house. I didn’t want my friends to see me, or anyone at all for that matter. I felt so ugly. I would cringe whenever I pass a mirror. And no, I don’t think people with pimples are ugly it’s just that when that breakout happened to me, I totally didn’t feel like myself. I would just be in bed if I wasn’t at school, my temper wore even thinner if that’s possible and I was just so … sad. Funny how something so trivial can affect a person’s life.

Before I had my breakout problem, I never cared for products advertised to make your skin clear/glowing/smooth etc. I thought of them as a waste of money because I believed that none of them really worked as they claim. However, I knew I had to believe otherwise if I wanted to cure my zits. For several weeks, I tried to venture into the skin care section of department stores. Of course I opted for drugstore products because I have very limited budget to buy things that my parents didn’t think as my needs y’know. Yes, the skin care routine I’m going to share with you is entirely drugstore products! You can find them practically everywhere. Luckily, all the things I bought (using my incredibly scarce resources) worked miracles on my skin. My zits started to clear up. They stopped increasing in numbers and all the marks started to fade. Finally after almost four months!! I was on cloud nine. So what were them that helped me get through that horrific phase in my life? I’ll get to them in a bit.

The most help I had was actually youtube. Being that all I did was stay indoors when I had the massive breakout, I was on youtube all the time. There wasn’t much product I could get though because the things beauty gurus recommend are mostly not available here in the Philippines and if they are, they’re high end and very expensive so I just took notes of what I’ll be needing. From what I’ve learned, the essentials are face wash, face scrub, toner, and moisturizer. What I did instead of opting for the high end products, I looked for drugstore versions of those things. Everything I bought, I actually bought on my own accord. It was very scary if I’m going to be honest. What if instead of clearing up my skin, the products further do damage, right? I was desperate is what I was to try these. But like what I learned in financial management, the higher the risk, the higher the return. Oha!! [The  listed products are arranged by the order of my usage.]

1. Clean and Clear Essentials foaming wash 100mL – claims to help prevent pimples, oily shine and blackheads. Less than Php 100

This is the face wash I use every single day and night because it does such a good job of cleaning your face especially after a long day out. My current bottle just ran out (as you can see in the pic). I have to buy my fourth bottle tomorrow! Haha. I don’t think it helps with my oily skin though for I still shine like a greasy hot dog when exposed to the sun. But I don’t mind that it doesn’t help with that as long as it keeps my face clean at the end of the day. Also, it doesn’t really do anything with blackheads. (Warning: A friend of mine told me this product broke him out. If you have sensitive skin, better stray from it.)

2. St. Ives Fresh Skin apricot scrub 10 OZ – claims to deeply exfoliate to reveal smooth skin. Less than Php 300

I started using this late August and I still have like a quarter of product left (considering how much I use!). I just love this scrub so much (I CAN’T EVEN). Frankly, I never knew anything about scrubs or exfoliation before. Those terms were alien to me. So for those of you who are just hearing about it now, facial scrubs or exfoliators are products that strip off dead skin cells on your face (you could use it on your body as well). The scrub has grains and properties (in my case, apricot extracts) that once you gently massage to your face will remove the dead cells. Now, why do people say that exfoliating is the most important part of a skin care routine? It’s because removing those dead skin cells gives you a skin rebirth. It literally removes a dirty layer of skin on your face (yes, we accumulate dirt in our face that can’t be seen by the naked eye). Personally, every time I use it, my skin feels so soft and smooth like a baby’s and stays like that for a couple of days (I use this as my lip exfoliator as well – yes you should exfoliate your lips too!). Also, exfoliating helps other products to be absorbed better by your skin. However, too much exfoliating is bad because it can dry up your skin and strip off even the natural oils that it needs (it’s advised to exfoliate thrice a week at most). (Warning: St. Ives scrub is a highly praised but also immensely criticized product. A lot of people love it [I belong to that group] while a great amount of people speak ill of it. Maybe you can try the squeeze tube version and see if you like it before buying the huge jar. 🙂 )

3. Eskinol Pimple Fighting facial deep cleanser 225mL – claims to remove deeply seated dirt, excess oil and make up, dries up pimples in as early as 3 days. Php 69.95

This Eskinol toner was the true game changer for me. It might be the cheapest item on my skin care routine but is definitely the one I couldn’t live without. I think this was my knight in shining armor (up to this day) that saved me from my bloody breakout. The second I started using this was when I noticed the most improvement on getting rid of the zits. I just soak up a regular absorbent cotton with it and go over my entire face and neck. I encourage y’all as well to buy the biggest bottle (225ml) because it’s still very cheap but almost twice the amount of product in the smaller bottle. (P.s. I also add 150mg of Dalacin C to the toner – a capsuled antibiotic for treating infections with bacteria. The two combined is the most perfect concoction, I swear!! I buy the capsule on Mercury Drugs but I’m pretty sure it’s available at any drugstore near you. Eskinol works fine by itself but I notice that when I add the Dalacin C it just seems to give faster results.)

4. Purederm Skin Softening yogurt mask 50mL – claims to soften skin and brighten. Php 89

The only thing that changes in my routine is face mask. I haven’t found one that is cheap and I truly deeply love. I’m still sort of venturing out to find which one I like most but at the moment, this Purederm yogurt mask is my fav. It really does what it claims – my face looks so bright and glowy right after a mask. I’ve used it four times already and I think there’s still enough left for two more masks. I love it when you have enough to use for more than once! I’m effing poor yknow. (I only use masks whenever I think my skin looks dry or dull or of course also when I want to feel pampered! Lol)


5. Clean and Clear Essentials moisturizer 100mL – moisturize without greasiness. Less than Php 100

Yes. Mine have run out a couple days ago and I threw the bottle away so I’m borrowing this picture. This moisturizer is very hydrating and lives up to its claims of not looking greasy at all (which is very hard to find!!!!). That was the second bottle that I threw by the way. This was a great find of mine that I highly recommend it to all of you but tbh I kind of want to try other brands of moisturizers because I know there are a lot of other good ones as well. I’ll let you know how that goes.


6. Céleteque Acne Spot Corrector Gel 5mL – claims to dry up pimples overnight. Php 169

This is my third tube that is almost completely gone as well. I love using this to small bumps that I know will develop as pimples because this product literally makes them go away overnight or if not, in just a few days. This is one of my holy grail and I know I’m going to keep buying it!


7. Chap Stick skin protectant classic cherry 0.15 OZ – Less than Php 100

Of course the classic Cherry Chapstick. Who says your lips isn’t skin? It is, and chap stick definitely help mine in staying moisturized and not chapped. I apply it after shower and also before sleeping at night and I always wake up with plump and healthy looking lips!

That was my acne story and all the products I use for my daily skin care routine (which is usually just at night because I’m rushing in the morning to school). I made it very detailed as much as I can because I wanted this blog post to actually be helpful to you all (I’ll edit this and put the exact prices to those products that I didn’t). I have a confession to make tho.. I’m still not sure what caused my breakout. It can be being stressed on school works or staying up late or what not. Bahahaha. I guess I don’t care anymore. I still have marks from my acne last year though and I still get occasional zits here and there but it’s nothing crazy that I can’t handle. It’s just life, I guess.

I hope you learned something from today’s blog!! Have a great day. 🤗

DISCLAIMER: My skin type is oily to normal and not sensitive so the products that worked for me may not work for you if you have dry or sensitive skin or even oily skin as well. Our skin are all different in a lot of aspects just in the same sense that what works for you may not work for me. Personally, these are just what worked for myself. 🙂


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