chewsHEALTHY vol.01: The Fat Girl

{chewsHEALTHY is a series of blog posts I make on Tuesdays. Here, I will take you through my past and current weight loss journey. I will share goals I still want to achieve when it comes to fitness and plans I come up with in hopes of achieving those goals, etc. I’ve come a long way from how I was in 2015 but I’m still a fat girl and I want to be able to change that soon! Come see how I work in becoming a better version of myself.}

All my life (I am not exaggerating), I’ve been the fat girl. Currently 150 lbs / 68 kg, 5’4” tall, I’m still trying my best to reach my goal weight (50kg) and body built. I’ve started my journey on February 9, 2016 – a year and two months ago. So far, I’ve lost a total of 40 lbs / 18 kg.

To this very day, I can still clearly remember when and how my journey started. It wasn’t actually just a single day but a succession of events that made me want to do a 360 in my life.  I recall that January-February being such a rough time for me in handling my academics, social life, and growing as a person in general. I was studying in college but I felt stuck – like I was not doing something good with the limited time given to me to live and I was just rotting away. That may seem a bit melodramatic but maybe I was having my quarter life crisis, who knows? Twenty-sixteen was just starting then but I was already feeling low so I told myself – “something’s got to change here”. I had that mindset for quite a few weeks (in my old wordpress blog I briefly talked about it – wanting to find something to make me feel like I wasn’t wasting my time on earth), and then one day while I was putting on clothes to head to school, I took a good look at my reflection in the mirror. It was then that I found myself staring at someone with very tired yet guarded eyes. I saw that whatever it was that was bothering her, it stopped her from being carefree happy with her life and she felt too restrained and held back by it to be who she really was. Staring right back at me though, she looked like a girl full of hope that she, on her own, can make the change she wants for herself… Yes! That was the day I knew I wanted to lose weight and live a healthier life! Here was my very obvious problem though – I didn’t really know how. Hello??? Like… I’ve been fat my entire life y’know.

It was still early in the morning that day (Feb 9th ’16) and I was just in bed, scrolling on my phone (I’m pretty sure I didn’t have school).  I was on spotify looking for artists to obsess about when a familiar song came on shuffle – it was One For Sorrow by Steps. If you didn’t know who the Steps were, they were a huge British band in the 90s. I had DVD’s of their concerts when I was a child and I loved them dearly and their songs (still do!). They were literally my first idols (a little trivia hahaha). So my favorite song of them comes on after years of not hearing it and I was just put back to my childhood days! I immediately looked up the members of the band and wanted to be updated on what they’re all up to now. I found out they actually got together five years ago for what seemed like a mini concert (they’ve broken up in early 2000s if I’m not mistaken) and in the videos I saw that my favorite amongst them, Claire Richards, gained a lot of weight.


I was shocked because I remember admiring and dreaming to have her body even when I was a child. I was being stupid. She had every right to gain weight when she already conceived children. Heck, she has every right to gain whatever amount of weight! It is stupid to expect a person’s body to never change; I should’ve known better even then. I then googled Claire immediately but all that greeted me… was her incredible weight loss.


I was in awe. How did she do that?! I proceeded to watch some of her interviews but I remained perplexed on how she did the weight loss. To make the long story short, finding out about her story made me want to start my story that exact same day. I got up, did my first workout and researched a diet plan. I realized that not knowing where to start wasn’t an excuse to already find out a way to do it! Funny how bumping into an old song can do so much in your life, eh?

A year and two months later, here I am – more agile (lol), healthier, with lighter aura, more fun when it comes to a lot of things, more adventurous and outgoing, and just someone who’s happier. To be honest, I’ve never felt more me than now and for that, I thank God for every right decision he made me take. I’m telling you, it was so much fun doing those first few workout sessions, annoying everyone with my “I’m on a diet” during lunch, getting them used to it, hearing commends on my hard work, and of course getting that first “Uy. Pumayat ka!” after the first month of my journey was the definition of heaven!!  Hard work and patience really do pay off, friends.

Losing 40 lbs so far is not a lot compared to people who transformed from being extremely obese to averagely fit in less than a year (they’re halimaw is what they are!). I know that. But considering I’ve been fat my entire life and this was the very first time I actually made progress in losing weight, I’m pretty proud of me regardless of what other people may say.


Me in 2015 on the top row of photos, me in February 2017 on the bottom row.

I am still the fat girl (I’m aware, I promise you), but there’s props for trying and not giving up, right?

The next volume of this series will be on how I lost the weight that I lost so far! Watch out for it!!


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