SAPPYsat vol.01: One Day

{SAPPYsat is a series of blog posts I make on Saturdays. This is my little corner of write ups inspired by those of poemsporn’s and thoughtcatalog’s. Like the series’ title, this collection will always be sappy and will most probably come out as cheesy to y’all but hey let me sulk in peace, please.}

photo by frankiehildebrand

Do you ever stare at someone and just think about how much you love them?

It’s like you look at them and you see so much more than just a face… it’s as though you can see right through their soul, and maybe, just maybe, you really could. You want to hug, kiss and tell them how much you care. You want to say that they won’t complete you, because you already are that, but they’ll be someone who’ll make you a better you. You see someone you’ll have potential fights with, but you don’t care because to have them would be more than enough.

It feels good to see someone like that. To feel that much passion and adoration towards someone. It’s amazing how they could make you feel like you’re on top of the world just by being in the same room as you. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t stop there. The feeling of being passionate is not enough. You want to explore it. You will, inevitably, want them to feel the same fire. Here’s when it gets complicated. You see, when you love someone that much, it doesn’t make them obliged to feel the same way. No shocker here. But you can’t help it anyway. Even if the feeling isn’t mutual, it doesn’t make the fire subside… sometimes, it makes it burn more.

You become undeniably absorbed by everything about them — their voice, touching them, seeing them, talking to them, and getting to know them more. It’ll become who you are — the one that loves them. For a while, it will be scary to admit that to yourself but as time goes on, you’ll accept it. It’s not like you planned it or anything. That’s another. All these, you never intended to happen. They all sort of just did. You’ve let destiny do its thing and you think that it can’t be too bad if you didn’t have a hidden agenda of any sort. Your love for them is genuine, that, you’re particularly certain of. It wasn’t based anything superficial. You genuinely did fall for them — their character, the way they talk and laugh, how they act, their manners, the way they think, and countless other things. You don’t know for sure. You probably fell for all of those all at once, anyway.

You just… you love them. You love them so hard that it’s difficult to breathe sometimes. They’re all you can see when you eat, sleep, and in all the things you do in between. You love them too much that you really, really hope to God you get to tell them one day.

Written July 6, 2016.


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