The Sunday Currently vol.03

What a week! Hope y’all enjoyed the posts for the past few days. FYI: I decided that I will post an entire set of blogs every other week so that the content won’t be sacrificed (this gal goes to college thrice a week!). I will post seven blogs straight, take a break for seven days, then post for seven consecutive days again. I’ll never fail to post a Sunday Currently though. I hope that arrangement’s alright. Heh. That’s enough of my ramblings, let’s get on to TSC vol.03.


reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. I always go back to it. See what I did there? Bahaha. Idk. I grew up reading and watching Harry Potter and have always felt like I wouldn’t be who I am if not for the series. Maybe that’s why I still always miss it. I guess I’ll never be not obsessed with HP.  #Potterhead4lyf  ⚡

writing on my list-journal. Yes. It’s a journal full of lists. I’ve had this notebook since November of last year but I didn’t really know what I wanted to fill it with until lately. So far, I divided it into sections for my bucket list, travel goals, 2017 resolutions, and the like. Fact: I’m list-fetish. If I can sort things into lists, trust me I would (even if I couldn’t, don’t think I wouldn’t try anyway).


listening to When You Know by Shawn Colvin. I’ve been obsessed with this song since early 2016. It’s the most popular OST of Serendipity which is one of my fav movies. I highly recommend checking the song and the movie if you haven’t already! Here’s my Playlist of the Week vol.03 by the way and in case you were wondering, here’s a playlist of my all time favorite songs that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

thinking about my plans for the coming week. I should start getting myself busy with academics again. I can’t be late on the schedule I made. I don’t have school until Tuesday but I’m already stressing about studying so much! Ugh. I hate it.

smelling nothing.

wishing for the days to go a little slower. I’m dreading my birthday on August. I don’t want to turn 20 yet. 😢 I have four more months of being a teenager but that’s sooooo not enough. I want like 3 more years… *finishes a box of kleenex*

hoping to make something great out of those four remaining months of being 19. I’ll go think of something after I upload this blog. Mehe. I’ll tell y’all how it goes.

wearing a pink cotton shirt and shorts. It’s 3pm and I’m still on my sleeping clothes and idgaf.

loving Mayday Parade. I can’t believe it’s only recently that I started obsessing over the band. I haven’t listened to a song of them that I didn’t come to like. I’ve been replaying Terrible Things like crazy! The band’s lyrics and sound have this incredible angst and is just the right combination of emo and punk-rock. Lurveeeee ’em.

wanting Pistachio ice cream. Ugh. My mouth just watered so bad. 🙄😭

needing to make my mind up about something once and for all.

feeling grateful about being a lot better than I was last Sunday. I still have a lot of stuff on my mind at the moment but nothing unmanageable. If anything, I’m hopeful about the coming days. You should be, too. x 🤗💖


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