Hi, you. Welcome to Everything Misyel! Before anything, I’d like to extend my gratitude for taking time to check my site. I work really hard for it so it means a lot!

Sooo basically, this is my personal everyday blog (but you already know that!). I’ll be posting updates every other week – post seven blogs straight, take a break for seven days, then post for seven consecutive days again in the best of my ability (but please don’t hate me if I fail once in a while).

I’ve been meaning to do this blog for some time now, too. I’ve missed writing so much and I seriously need to get my brain to work again so I thought why not obligate (sort of) myself to publish a simple entry every day? It can’t be too hard (or so I think). Also to make it a bit more interesting, I made various categories/segments for each day so that it won’t be repetitive or just be sappy and whiny all throughout (although it might still be, *just a little bit i promise*).

This is something I’m doing entirely because of my love for expressing, writing, and sharing my thoughts and experiences. I hope this won’t be wrongfully taken as a brag of achievements, abilities, life, etc. To give a real warning on what’s going to be here though, it’s going to be raw, friends. And I mean real raw. It’s my actual main goal — express my truest self, both the pretty and the ugly side, and let go of any pretentious crap there is in my body. Because it’s not like I’m a fake person, but I‘m not always ME as well. I just know I’m holding back so much more and I can’t have that any longer. So what better way can I do that than start through writing, right? Are you excited? Because err, I sure as hell am.

Again, welcome! Yayy!!

P.S. Constructive criticisms are very much encouraged. Thank you in advance!

P.P.S. I originally wanted to blog every single day but I feel like I’ll be sacrificing content if I did that. I hope the arrangement I settled for works just fine for y’all. This gal’s on her final year in uni so please bear with her! ❤