friYAYSTORYTIME vol.01: Jaguars

{friYAYSTORYTIME is a series of blog posts I make on Fridays. It is a permanent one!! I don’t have any other categories for friday. Anyway, this is a collection of chit chats about my childhood, embarrassing stories, funny incidents, inspiring tales and just normal stories I want to share (+etc..) that are based on real life. It will also contain mini life updates. Heh. This will be the most informal series in my blog btw. Idk. I just really want to be able to share stories to you guys. Don’t doze off while reading!!}

Soooo.. hi. Ok I have to admit this is the hardest series I’ve come up with. I thought it would be the easiest considering how talkative I am!! Ugh. I’ve literally laid here in my bed for an hour now just thinking of a tell-worthy story.

For today, I’ve decided to share the best (also most fun and memorable) thing I’ve experienced in junior year in high school. It was our mini cheer dance competition!! I call it “mini” because it was just our class. Our school didn’t have an intramurals that year so we asked out P.E. teacher if we could have cheer dancing as our project instead (idek what we were thinking) and she agreed. Our class was divided into two groups. I was actually very nervous then because I really, like REALLY wanted to win. Hashtag competitive af. Luckily, I was put to the group where most of my close friends were in, so I was at ease.

Just a couple days later, we had our first practice after school. Ok.. now when I say that the group was a mess then, what I mean is that there were actual chaos at the practice. I’m not even exaggerating!! I looked at us and just thought “well, so much for wanting to win!!”. We weren’t even rehearsing steps yet. Everyone was just testing waters and looking for what they’d be great at like lifting, dance routines, exhibitions, etc. That very same day, two of my group mates accidentally tried to cartwheel at once (each coming from opposite directions) and yes, they bloody crashed and smashed to each other. It was a hot mess, my friends. Lol.

The next day, while we were “practicing” (if you can even call it that !! dont blame us we didn’t really know where to start yknow), an alumnus from our school saw and told us we can hire him as our choreographer. Knowing it was hopeless if we tried to do it just us, we agreed. I didn’t like Kuya Francis at first though tbh. Muka kasi sya mataray. But I was wrong!! He was very maharot (he’s gay btw), makulit and funny!!

After that night when we met Kuya Francis, we immediately started practicing every single day. Yes. We brought jogging pants and rubber shoes every freakin day to school. For just a project? Yes. Every freakinnnnn day dude. Looking back, I still don’t know what we were thinking.

Being that we can’t stay long in school to practice, the group (we were 27 and decided to call ourselves Jaguars) had to leave and find another place to practice on after 5pm. Because of this, we pretty much weaved our way through the entire project 2 and 3 in QC. It was very tiring and distracting! We would practice at one place and be told to move somewhere else. Naku. A group of tanod, a very angry old lady and even a barangay captain have all shooed us away saying “sagutin pa namin pag may nadisgrasya sa inyo!!” Poor us. Huhu.

Typically, our practices would finish 8pm (the earliest). Effort and time beshies. It came to the point that the second I get home, my parents wouldn’t ask me anymore where I’ve been and would just ask “kumain ka na?” Hahahaha! They got used to it. Were we crazy for exerting that much effort? I guess we really were. There’s just no sane explanation aside from we were enjoying it so much.

To make this brief, we practiced A LOT, a member of us actually got into an accident (she fell during one of the liftings) which shook and scarred us all (i dont want to go into detail about that here), the competition took place, and we, in fact, WON. 🎊

I don’t want this blog to be about that win though. What I want to share is how fun, memorable and one of kind the experience was. Up to this day, I still clearly remember how we would all eat before practice, how the stretching was bone and muscle aching, how we would all be short of breath after redoing a couple of routines, how we would laugh while sitting on the pavement during break times, how Kuya Francis would make the girls do 50 sit ups and the boys 50 push ups whenever he gets mad at us, and how we would scare each other at night saying “huy bakit umiilaw yun” or “parang wala yung anino na yun kanina” (lol@this). My buddies when walking home then were Dominic, Jay-Bee and Philip. No matter how tired we were, we would still do stupid things like ring a random house’s bell and run as fast as we could after (one time, Dominic didn’t realize we already rang a bell so he didn’t run lmao), or that night when it suddenly smelled like sampaguita (it was an Ash Wednesday) so we ran as fast as we could like the young and stupid kids we were.

My favorite practice was probably our last and grand rehearsal just before the day of the mini competition. It was in QC Circle!! I think we finished at 10pm or so. Waiting and seeing the colorful fountain light up, with the Jaguars and Kuya Francis, was worth it though. Looking at the dancing water, I remember realizing then just how much I would miss all of it but also how I was incredibly grateful for the tight bond we gained from this supposedly simple “project”. Yes, it maybe was just a silly little project, but for me, I gained 27 family members because of it. It was all worth it.

Kuya Francis just casually showing off.

Our grand rehearsal in QC Circle!!

The actual show.

My heart is swelling with joy right now just reminiscing about those good ol’ days. Sighhhhhhh. I know I posted this so late!! Sorry!! Haha. Hope y’all sleep soundly tonight. I know I will. 😌💕